Mersen ICSCRM silicon carbide

International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials

Join Mersen at booth 313 at ICSCRM 2017, September 17-22, 2017, Washington DC. 

Mersen is a leading expert in carbon based materials for high temperature applications. We serve the SiC materials and devices industry primarily by supplying MOCVD/Epitaxy carriers and reactor parts, and high performance carbon fiber insulation and isomolded graphite for crystal growth applications.

In addition, we supply SiC coated and ultra-pure graphite components for RTP and ion implant systems. Leveraging highly engineered pure materials, high precision CNC machining and proprietary CVD coatings, we partner with our customers to improve part designs for optimum lifetime and performance. Our lead times are very competitive and we offer quick turn-around services for your R&D parts.

Contact us for more information at mocvd@mersen.com