Mersen in the semiconductor market

From the Internet of Things to computers, mobile phones, 5G technology, data centers and electric vehicles, semiconductors are used in a huge variety of applications.

A leading expert in electrical power and advanced materials, Mersen produces the ultra-pure graphite required to manufacture these chips.



Mersen is active across the semiconductor manufacturing process and helps to make the industry more efficient. From resistors to thermal insulation, wafer carriers and electrodes, Mersen equipment is instrumental at all stages of chip manufacturing. These ultra-pure graphite materials are resistant to very high temperatures, corrosion and erosion.

Mersen helps reduce maintenance costs, improve efficiency and ensure substrate quality and purity for high-performance semiconductors.

Mersen is ready to meet power semiconductor market’s needs. A growing number of applications, such as renewable energies, Industrial drives and electric vehicles, require power semiconductors designed to switch electric currents at a very high level.

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