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Reactive Metal Equipment Repair Centre mersen Gonzales
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Mersen's service center and fabrication facility, strategically located in Gonzales, Louisiana, provides a complete spectrum of production and repair capabilities.

With more than 35,000 square feet of combined fabrication and machining area, Mersen offers services on-site for planned maintenance or emergency outages.

  • 28,000 sq ft repair shop
  • 3200 sq ft dedicated climate-controlled RME area
  • Certified Code Repair Facility
  • ASME section VIII "U" stamp and NBIC compliant
  • Louisiana State Contractor's License (No: 68550)
  • Inventory of Ta, Zr and Ti Tubing and Sheet & Plate to support repair work

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4 recent jobs

Tantalum Heat Exchanger Retube mersen

Tantalum Heat Exchanger Retube And Repair

Complete overhaul of other manufacturers' tantalum shell and tube exchanger that had over 10% tube failure.

titanium Pipe Spools mersen

Pipe Spools

Pipe spools fabricated from titanium grade 7 for a lethal service application with 100% radiography testing.

Acid Injection zirconium Nozzle mersen

Acid Injection Nozzle

Acid injection nozzle fabricated from zirconium 702 and heat treat annealed

Tantalum Lined Channel Head Repair mersen

Tantalum Lined Channel Head Repair

Tantalum lined condenser channel experienced cyclic fatigue which lead to a cracked liner at stay bolt location.  Liner was removed for thorough repair and reinstalled utilizing all existing material.

Gonzales, Louisiana on-site and field services

Services offered:

  • Visual inspections, testing, reporting of findings
  • Reactive Metal equipment welding and fabrication
  • Reactive Metal piping welding
  • Repair of solid, lined, cladded RME equipment
  • Retubing and repair of RME heat exchangers
  • Repairs of other RME components and parts such as piping spools, injection nozzles, lined heads, lined plates
  • Hydro, air/soap, helium leak testing, dye penetrant inspection
  • Machining
  • Heat treat oven
  • Engineering calculations, drawings & design expertise

Field Services:


  • Fit and weld RME piping spools and assemblies
  • Assessments
  • Repairs – vessels, columns, heat exchangers, agitators
  • Alterations
  • Tantalum
  • Zirconium
  • Titanium including Ti-Palladium
  • Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys

Gonzales, Louisiana team

Drew Sholar - Service Center Manager/GM
Drew Sholar

Drew started in the graphite equipment industry as a technician at "Graphite Repairs" over 20 years ago. In 2010, when Mersen took over, he was promoted to the head of the Gonzales facility due to his expertise in service and repair.
Phone: (225) 647-6752
Expertise: Graphite and reactive metals equipment repair

Justin Sears - Reactive Metals Supervisor
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Justin started with “AstroCosmos Metallurgical” as a welder’s apprentice in 2008. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in various reactive metal fabrications, as well as plant construction and maintenance.  In 2018 Justin was transferred to Gonzales to lead and further expand the reactive metal services.
Phone: (225) 647-6752
Expertise: Reactive metals equipment repair

Jonathan Branch – Quality Assurance Manager
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Jon started with AstroCosmos Metallurgical in 2008 as a Quality Control Inspector and became a Supervisor in 2011. In 2014 Jon transferred to the Louisiana fabrication facility and was promoted to Quality Assurance Manager. Jon has 21 years of experience in metal fabrication; 16 of those years have been in inspection and 11 years exclusively with reactive/refractory alloys. Jon is extremely knowledgeable with ASME, NBIC, TEMA, PED and SQL code requirements.
Phone: (225) 647-6752
Expertise:Fabrication and inspection of reactive metal and graphite chemical process equipment, AWS Certified Welding Inspector, Level II RT, MT, PT, GPR technician

David Frey - RME Technology Manager
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David was employed by “AstroCosmos Metallurgical” from 1991 to 2017. He served in various positions including Quality Manager, Engineering Manager, Director of Project Management, VP Technology and Business Manager. David has extensive experience in reactive metal equipment design, fabrication, inspection and testing. David has been an ASTM B10.0.3 Subcommittee Chairman (Ta & Nb) and an NACE TEG120x Reactive Metal Task Group Officer.
Phone: (225) 647-6752
Expertise: Tantalum, zirconium and titanium metals, welding metallurgy and explosive clad fabrication of these metals