Mersen USA anticorrosion equipment heat exchangers


Mersen Service Centers offer comprehensive services to optimize the life and performance of Corrosion Resistant Heat Transfer Equipment throughout their lifecycle.

From efficient preventive maintenance and inspection, to experienced repair and training, our goal is to offer quick response services that keep your system operating at peak performance with minimum unplanned downtime.


Our technicians are highly experienced and skilled. Their ability to provide fast analysis and repair solutions can save your company time and money. Our centers are ASME compliant and we offer warranties for our work.


Graphite | Silicon Carbide | Titanium | Zirconium | Tantalum | PTFE


Heat Exchangers: Blocks | Shell & Tube | Columns

Repairs – Fast Analysis. Fast Repair.

Mersen’s Service Centers are fully equipped and staffed to provide complete repairs for all Heat Transfer Equipment, including heat exchangers, columns, and blocks. Services are performed at either of our two service centers in the US.

Our Service Centers offer:

  • Reengineering
  • Reimpregnation
  • Retubing
  • Replacement of Parts
  • Refurbishing
  • Full Code Welding Capabilities
  • Recertifcation with ASME Repair Stamp
  • Complete repair of HCL Systems
  • Full service machine shop
  • Field assessment services

Not only do we offer these services for all Mersen OEM equipment, but for other manufacturers’ equipment as well.

Additional Service Center capabilities

cylinder heat exchanger Mersen USA
Preventive Maintenance

Mersen offers customized preventive maintenance programs designed to maintain your heat transfer systems.

Our experts will inspect and evaluate your system to determine the best fit for your plant. Preventive maintenance allows you to pre-plan the times your system will be down for service. In addition, costly failures are minimized and optimum performance is achieved.

zirconium anticorrosion equipment Mersen USA
Field Support

Mersen technicians are able to provide complete support at your location.

Mersen service specialists are available to consult, troubleshoot, commission, start-up, inspect, evaluate and provide options.

Tantalum shell tube heat exchanger Mersen

Mersen R&D is always looking for ways to improve our products through different materials and new technologies.

Our product experts can consult with you to identify areas where your existing equipment can be upgraded to improve performance and extend life.

shell and tube heat exchanger Mersen

Mersen can provide training on-site or at one of our Service Centers.

Our highly trained specialists can work with you on routine maintenance and equipment repairs.

Heat exchanger Mersen USA
Spare Parts

To keep your Mersen equipment working at optimal production, they require OEM parts.

Spare parts are manufactured to the highest level of precision and work flawlessly with our equipment.

service center Mersen USA
Emergency Response

Should anything go wrong, rapid response is critical and available at Mersen.

Mersen has two strategically-located Service Centers in close proximity to our customers for quick action should an emergency occur.

Strategically located service centers

Mersen’s Service Centers in the United States are strategically located in Gonzalez, LA and Salem, VA, for close proximity to our customers so they get the responsive, timely service they need. Our center in Gonzales is recognized as a valuable resource nationwide. With our expansion in Salem, we are expanding our capabilities to the north to better meet the needs of customers. Our fully-equipped manufacturing facilities are ASME compliant for product excellence.

Your contact in Gonzales, LA

Drew Sholar, Service Center Manager

(225) 647-6752

Drew Sholar started in the graphite equipment industry as a technician at “Graphite Repairs” over 20 years ago. In 2010, when Mersen took over, he was promoted to the head of the Gonzales facility due to his expertise in service and repair.

Your contact in Salem, VA

Victor Rierson, Service Center Manager

(540) 378-0365

Victor Rierson has 25+ years with Mersen. Having started as a machinist, he became an expert in Mersen equipment. He developed into a field service engineer with in-depth experience in HCL synthesis systems.