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At Mersen, the men and women are what makes the difference. Our employees, who are at the heart of our Group's success, share their career experience and passion for their jobs.
Learn about our people's stories and follow them in their daily lives. 

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Working as a CNC machinist at Mersen is very rewarding, definitely challenging and extremely fast-paced.

Dustin Shorkey
CNC Lathe Machinist at Mersen Bay City, MI, USA

The work environment in Mersen is friendly and like family.

Diawante Walter
Team Leader Production, Power Transfer Technologies

After University, I started working at Mersen as a customer service representative. Today I’m Product Manager for Metals in North America for the Power Transfer Technologies Business Unit. 

Sophie-Andrée Beauchamp
Product Manager for metals for North America

I would mostly remember the relationships I had no only with customers, but also with other colleagues that I met who later on became friends.

Antonio Lombardi
Technical Manager, Dorion, Canada

Jamie and Hannah shared a position for five years to continue and keep up their skills and education while taking care of their families.

Jamie Shaut and Hannah Cheatle
Quality Assurance Manager and Industrial Engineer at Mersen St. Marys, PA, USA

The people are friendly, it's like one big family here. People help each other here. There's no problems.

Brant "Tony" Council
Machine Operator, Production, Mersen Boonton, NJ, USA

We really try to encourage teamwork and us getting together and doing things. We have a great camaraderie where we come together. 

Wendy Bundzinski
Director, Customer Care & Inside Sales, Newburyport, MA, USA

What I like about the Mersen group is its international, multicultural dimension while remaining on a human scale.

Patrick Segard
Health and Safety Engineer

I’ve had several different jobs within Mersen and I really think that’s one of the positive aspects of staying this long. 

Kent Walker
Vice President of Technical Sales, Newburyport, MA, USA