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mersen event top executive meeting
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At Mersen, the men and women are what makes the difference. Our employees, who are at the heart of our Group's success, share their career experience and passion for their jobs.
Learn about our people's stories and follow them in their daily lives. 

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We really try to encourage teamwork and us getting together and doing things. We have a great camaraderie where we come together. 

Wendy Bundzinski
Director, Customer Care & Inside Sales, Newburyport, MA, USA

I’ve had several different jobs within Mersen and I really think that’s one of the positive aspects of staying this long. 

Kent Walker
Vice President of Technical Sales, Newburyport, MA, USA

I have today an engineering manager role and I’m also a part of the Global Open Expert. 

Cliff Weasner
Engineering Manager for Cooling and Busbar, Rochester, NY, USA

One of the things that I really enjoy about Mersen is the ability to work with colleagues all over the world.

Karen Schmuch
Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Newburyport, MA, USA

I started my journey at Mersen 13 years ago as a R&D engineer. I'm now project manager. I'm also part of the site's management committee.

Aurore Guise
Project Manager, Mersen Boostec, Bazet, France

The qualities needed for my work are curiosity, the ability and willingness to learn constantly and to teach and coach and pass the knowledge down within Mersen.

Csaba Mak
Quality Manager, Toronto, Canada

When I face challenges and try to solve the problems, I receive lots of support and collaboration from the managers and colleagues.

Lanny Zhou
Manufacturing Manager, Mersen Guangzhou, China
Meenakshi Santosh mersen india

I love to participate to various activities organized, we fell we are part of same family. We are respected for what we are. 

Ms Meenakshi Santosh S
Bommasandra, India

We are always listening to our customers and constantly looking for innovation. 

Haydar Makhlouf
R&D Project Manager, St Bonnet de Mure, France