Aerospace industry

Optical instruments

Our expertise in sintered silicon carbide (Boostec® SiC) is a pioneer technology, enabling us to contribute to exploration of the Universe.

Optical instruments for space exploration require precise and stable parts that can withstand drastic changes in temperature.

EUCLID telescope SiC Mersen

Boostec® Silicon Carbide SiC

Reaching the highly demanding requirements lead the engineers to design mechanically and thermally ultra-stable space optics.

Offering both high specific stiffness and high thermal stability, Boostec® SiC appears to be a material of choice, even unavoidable for some space telescopes.

Among our successes

  • Herschel, Gaia and Euclid missions on Universe Sciences
  • Sentinel-2 and Aeolus ESA missions for Earth Observations
  • Nirspec large spectrograph for Nasa James Webb Space Observatory
  • A wide range of Korsch telescopes for Earth Observation at export
  • ESO extremely large telescope: the reference structure of its M4 Adaptive Optic and also its fast tip/tilt M5 Folding Mirror


Ground-based observatories

Ground-based observatories benefit from the same remarkable properties of Boostec® SiC, in particular for their mirrors or their adaptive optics.