Silicon Carbide (SiC) Heat Exchangers

Silicon carbide is an advanced ceramic material and one of the high-performance materials available for the production of heat exchangers. SiC is completely impervious without the need for resin impregnation. Mersen’s SiC shell & tubes and block heat exchangers are resistant to harsh environments such as strong acids, bases and chlorinated organics such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, HF, NaOH, and HCl. These exchangers provide optimized performance and are the first choice for applications in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry.

Silicon carbide heat exchangers, having “universal corrosion resistance” are specifically suitable for highly aggressive chemical compounds.

  • Mersen Boostec® has mastered internally the key steps from the SiC powder through to the final heat exchanger
  • SiC solves your problems of very high temperature, abrasion and erosion
  • Allows high pressure resistance up to 40 bar