Heat treatment applications

High temperature insulation

High temperature furnace construction

In collaboration with specialized ISO 9001 and 14001 certified workshops, our engineering teams can design solutions in accordance with your unique technical requirements.

We are able to meet all your requirements for the following applications:

Furnace heating elements

  • Iso-moulded fine grain grades 6504 and 2191
  • Extruded grade 6503 graphite

High temperature fixation

  • Grade A412 Carbon/Carbon composite fasteners.

Furnace structural elements

  • Shelf, basket, oven floor with gas inlet made of grade AM252.

Heat shield

  • Composite cylinder (Grade A252)

Furnace insulation

  • Very large diameter CALCARB® CBCF insulation, thanks to barrel stave construction.

Thermal protection and hot spot diffusion

  • PAPYEX® and ISOLOR® flexible graphite solutions