Fractional Horsepower Brushes

Mersen carbographitic and bakelite-graphite brushes for FHP motors

Mersen offers a wide range of carbographitic and bakelite-graphite brushes for FHP motors.  

  • Carbographitic grades are prepared from carbon and coke powders (natural or artificial) agglomerated with appropriate binders to give them good resistance to high temperature and variable loads.
  • Bakelite-graphite grades are made from natural or artificial graphite powders agglomerated with a thermo-hardening resin to give them a high electrical and mechanical resistance power.


    FHP motors carbon brushes, characteristics

    • Specific designs
    • Selected materials
    • High quality tamping
    • Optimized cable dimensions
    • Good mechanical stability
    • High electrical conductivity
    • Low friction coefficient
    • High transient current density
    • Wide speed range (15 to 55m/s)
    • Brush wear indicator systems

    FHP motors, applications

    • Servomotors
    • Motors for machine tools
    • Door and shutter automation
    • Wheelchairs
    • Missile motors 
    • Ventilation motors
    • Photocopiers 
    • Swimming pool cleaners 
    • Tacho-generators 
    • Fairground rides