Mersen: central to solar power generation

Mersen is one of only a handful of players operating both upstream and downstream of the solar power generation chain, from polysilicon and wafer manufacturing to facility security and management to energy storage.

Upstream, Mersen has made the quality and technicality of its solutions a decisive advantage in supporting the world’s leading suppliers in the solar market. In addition to offering consumables and equipment for manufacturing polysilicon – a key raw material for PV cell production – Mersen has developed comprehensive ranges to optimize furnaces used for DSS multicrystalline and especially CZ monocrystalline processes. Today, the CZ method is the main technology used to make wafers for the solar PV industry. 

Downstream, operating primarily in the industrial, commercial, and solar farm segments, Mersen plays an active role in securing and optimizing these largescale facilities, both by protecting them from power surges with its ranges of fuses, fuse holders and switches, and by facilitating the conversion of direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Mersen is also investing in the future by supporting research into the storage and nighttime use of solar power, and the rise in solar plant voltage.