Columns internals, accessories and packing

Columns internal and graphite random packing

Mersen supplies various internals made of Graphilor®3, Fluoropolymer (PTFE, PVDF), metals in massive (tantalum, titanium, hastelloy, zirconium) or CL-Clad® (tantalum).

Column internals or accessories:

  • Hold-down grids
  • Spargers
  • Liquid distributors, liquid re-distributors
  • Special pipes

Graphite random packing:

  • Raschig rings

Internals and accessories, material expertise

Mersen's internals and accessories are a complementary offer to the columns. Our corrosion-resistant materials are used in the manufacture of internals and accessories.

Graphilor® 3

Graphilor® 3 is the only impregnated graphite resulting from the combination between isostatic graphite and a specific resin.

Mersen offers a range of three Graphilor® 3, based on various impregnants (phenolic, carbon and PTFE) which ensure the imperviousness, the resistance to corrosion and temperature as well as the long-term stability.


CL-Clad® is a brazing process developed by mersen.

In this process, a thin layer of reactive metal (tantalum) can be cladded onto a carbon steel or stainless steel base plate. CL-Clad® technology is perfectly suitable for large thickness when design pressure is high.

This new process offers an excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks, a full vacuum resistance and a superior corrosion resistance against most process fluids.

Armylor® PTFE

Armylor® PTFE is Mersen material made from PTFE orPFA.

Our expertise is the mastering of all PTFE manufacturing processes, such as paste extrusion process, isostatic molding and PFA transfer molding.