Fluoropolymer columns

Mersen Armylor® stripping column: carbon steel with stripping columnfor HCl manufacturing

Armylor® Columns in PTFE-lined carbon steel are specially designed to comply with high temperature and to resist corrosive processes, such as HCl stripping, difluorination of H3PO4, HF or H2SO4 dilution, HF processing, etc…

Key features:

  • Resistant to temperature range from -50°C to +230°C
  • Designed with an assembly of elements without intermediary gaskets
  • Option: vacuum resistance system to withstand partial vacuum
  • Option: double lining (ECTFE + PTFE) for more severe applications
  • Diameter up to 64’’:
    Seamless liners, Standard or heavy duty PTFE thickness (up to 10 mm), Fine powders of PTFE
  • Diameter more than 64’’:
    Welded PTFE liners, Standard thickness 3 or 4 mm

Customer Benefits:

  • Extended lifetime of installation
  • Corrosion resistance for all chemicals
  • Excellent resistance against thermal shocks
  • Low permeation for gas & vapors
  • Fluoropolymer expertise