Graphite Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Worldwide leader in the manufacture of graphite tubes for more than 50 years

Mersen designs and manufactures graphite shell and tube heat exchangers for the most demanding processes, especially the phosphoric acid industry (P2O5). Polytube®, Mersen’s graphite shell and tube heat exchanger is made with Graphilor® 3, our internally-produced ultra-fine graphite. All of our grades of Graphilor have been tested and certified by TÜV SUD to have the highest homologation for tensile strength (up to 36 Mpa).

Mersen graphite tubes are manufactured internally for the highest level of quality control. Polytube Heat Exchangers combine optimum thermal efficiency, mechanical durability and chemical inertness.

Polytube, Mersen’s graphite tube heat exchanger - proven design in demanding processes

Large heat transfer areas

  • High exchange surface and heat transfer - up to 1,000 m2 of exchange surface
  • Designed for high pressure: 11 barG (service) and 7 barG (process)
  • Special shell designs to handle corrosive fluids


Six (6) meter long tubes without a joint, made from Graphilor® 3  

The absence of a joint makes the tubes more robust and ensure a greater resistance to breakage

Tubes can be optionally reinforced with carbon fiber


Improved performance and safety options

  • Rigilor®, a coating applied to tube sheets, consists of a layer of carbon fiber which reinforces the graphite and improves the erosion and abrasion protection. With Rigilor, mechanical resistance is improved and erosion resistance is increased six times.
  • Carbon sleeves can be cemented in the tube sheet passages to protect against erosion.


Additional Features:

  • Tubes XBS – G30-00-220
  • Large size dimensions with 1000 tubes
  • Tubes : 25/16 ; 32/22 ; 37/25 ; 51/35
  • Shell Diameter : 10’’ – 82’’
  • Headers offered in different materials: graphite, FRP, metallic, glass-lined
  • Design temperature up to 220°C


Customer Benefits:

  • High corrosion resistance due to Graphilor® 3
  • Proven design and performance
  • Aftersales service in the US with two strategically-located Repair Centers
  • Manufacturing sites in USA, Europe and China


Ask us for an extensive list of market applications, such as phosphoric acid evaporators, sulfuric acid heaters, hydrochloric acid re-boilers.

Mersen offers shell and tube heat exchangers in other materials as well: stainless steel, carbon steel, tantalum or massive metals (tantalum, zirconium, titanium). Additionally, we offer rubber lined, ptfe lined, and glass lined heat exchangers.