Reactive metals: CL-Clad®

tantalum cladded column Mersen
Reactive metals, Cladded
Corrosion Resistant reactive metals
Mersen CL-Clad

For decades, Mersen has gained expertise in the treatment, design and manufacture of solid, lined and cladded, corrosion resistant equipment made from reactive metals.

Mersen designs and manufactures equipment such as columns, pressure vessels, reactor and heat exchangers using reactive metals, such as tantalum and titanium. This equipment is suited to meeting the extreme conditions associated with industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals processes.

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Mersen’s cladding technology, CL-Clad®, is a process in which a thin layer of reactive metal (tantalum) can be cladded onto a carbon steel or stainless-steel base plate. CL-Clad® technology is suitable for large thicknesses when design pressure is high.

The CL-Clad® process offers:

  • Excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks
  • A full vacuum resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance against most process fluids.


cl clad tantalum Mersen



Brazing is the assembling of metals through capillary action. A filler material, with a melting point below that of the other base metals, is added. The metals are then heated to enable the filler material to melt and spread between the metals to form a perfect joint.


reactive metals brazing mersen