PTFE manifolds

Carbon steel expansion bellows and flanges with a PTFE coating (Armylor® process)

PTFE bellows and compensators combine the high corrosion resistance of PTFE and its fantastic flexion capability.

Manifolds are widely used as collector and multi-loading facilities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key features:

  • Diameter from DN 40 (1.1/2”) to DN 300 (12”)
  • Maximum length up to 2 meters
  • PTFE thickness from 5 mm up to 12 mm
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel construction, lined by isostatic molding of PTFE
  • Antistatic qualities available

Customer benefits:

  • Customized items
  • Multi inlet and outlet device
  • Construction in one single piece
  • Solution to short-dimension problems

Material expertise: PTFE isostatic molding

Mersen developed an original process of PTFE isostatic molding made directly inside the steel parts. This customized process allows multi inlet/outlet devices with customized orientation and short dimension between the nozzles. Lateral branches can also be proposed.

PTFE granular powder (as per ASTM D 4894) is molded at very high pressure and sintered inside the steel parts. Wall thickness is in the range of 5 to 12 mm, according to the pipe diameter and the service conditions. Both virgin and antistatic PTFE grades can be offered.