Piping Systems and Accessories

Mersen Piping Systems and accessories


Mersen offers a full range of PTFE / PFA lined pipes and accessories specially designed to convey corrosive fluids for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Using Armylor®, Mersen’s proprietary PTFE / PFA material, our products are corrosion resistant at any temperature or pressure conditions.

Due to our more than 50 years of experience with lining technologies, Mersen has gained the ability to optimized our products and limit the permeability rate. Our knowledge allows us to understand the chemical nature, temperature, and pressure of the process, and the importance of the lining thickness, to provide the low level of permeability required.  


Mersen thoroughly tests the mechanical and physical properties of each batch of material manufactured. Multiple internal audits, dimensional and visual inspections, and thorough tests are done during the entire manufacturing process. Data, such as elongation at break point and tensile strength, is collected and evaluated in order to guarantee the product delivers a low level of permeability.


PTFE/PFA lined pipe and fittings

PTFE PFA lined pipes Mersen

PTFE/PFA lined pipe and fittings

Mersen's PTFE / PFA lined pipe and fittings are used to transport highly corrosive liquid materials at high temperatures.

PTFE expansion bellows and compensators

PTFE bellows compensators Mersen

PTFE expansion bellows and compensators

Mersen provides carbon steel expansion bellows and flanges with the corrosion resistant Armylor® PTFE coating.

PTFE manifolds

manifolds special items Mersen

PTFE manifolds

Mersen's anticorrosive manifold valves are available with or without antistatic coating.

PTFE/PFA Double jacketed piping

double wall pipe PTFE coating Mersen

PTFE/PFA Double jacketed piping

Mersen's double wall pipe with PTFE coating provides corrosion resistant tubing for fluid transport for the chemical industry.

Tantalum piping and specialty items

titanium tantalum zirconium  special items Mersen

Tantalum piping and specialty items

Mersen manufactures metallic pipe and other specialty items, such as butterfly valves, venturi tubes, thermowells, and high vacuum fittings in reactive metals, such as tantalum.

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