Third rail current collector

Mersen 3rd rail shoe for transit systems

Mersen offers a large range of 3rd rail shoes for electrical current collection in urban networks.


  • Plain or impregnated carbon 3rd rail shoe welded to steel sheaths
  • 3rd rail shoe with metal nose pieces
  • 3rd rail shoe with carbon inserts cast intro bronze carriers
  • EcoDesign 3rd rail shoe, a dismountable and recyclable system
  • Lead-free carbon material (pure or impregnated with metal - copper or bronze)
  • Extrusion or stamped and machined
  • Welded, bonded or crimped
  • Mechanically robust
  • Lubricating power
  • Sheaths in aluminum, copper, tinned steel or tinned copper
  • End horn designs


EcoDesign CCD shoe

Mersen’s teams keep innovating and proposing recyclable solutions.

Today’s requirements for technical performance cannot go without environmental performance. Let’s take the example of a 3rd rail shoe, used to transmit power from the 3rd rail to the railcar system traction unit. The only wear part is the carbon strip; all the other components would in most cases not need to be replaced. However, as the strip is currently assembled by welding, the whole shoe is scrapped after use, which is a waste of resources and money.

Mersen have pioneered and patented a 3rd rail CCD shoe called « EcoDesign ». The concept is to reuse all the metal components (carriers and bolts) with the replacement of the carbon wear strip only. Using a new assembly method, Mersen takes one step forward on the road to be Eco-responsible in eradicating the need of lead brazing.

In 2013 the Mersen “EcoDesign” concept won the Innovation Trophy at the SIFER rail industry trade show.

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EcoDesign 3rd rail shoe

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Current collection by third rail

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