DC protection for electric vehicles & battery

DC over current protection (OCP) solutions based upon incumbent proven technology (DC fuse) enhanced by 2 new disruptive hybrid devices, Xp & Xs. 


DC fuse

DC protection fuses Mersen

DC fuse

Mersen DC fuses provide the ultimate protection of the battery modules and battery packs, offering reliable clearing of DC fault currents. They have been specifically engineered and tested to provide DC applications best-in-class performance.

Hybrid DC overcurrent protective device

hybrid DC overcurrent protective device Mersen

Hybrid DC overcurrent protective device

Mersen's Hybrid DC Overcurrent Protective Device is composed of a fast acting pyro element, controlled by a gate current, plus a parallel clearing element. This protection meets custom requirements of very fast operating time and very high overload current.

Hybrid DC power relay

XS serics DC proctection Mersen

Hybrid DC power relay

Mersen's Hybrid DC Power Relay is engineered to provide high DC switching performances versus conventional mechanical DC power relay, switch and contactor. This power relay is a hybrid technology with the capability of switching both high voltage and high current designed specially for electrical vehicle applications.

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