Cooling solutions

Mersen will help you maximize performance, safety & reliability with customized cooling solutions, services & support.

Mersen integrates its extensive cooling expertise and patented heat sink technology into semiconductor applications to make them more efficient, reliable and profitable.

Mersen’s engineering team will help you find innovative cooling solutions, work with you to design the performance boundaries and even simulate your Application before a prototype is built.

Our unique knowledge of air, phase change and liquid cooled heat sinks enables Mersen to help you find the right thermal protection solution for your application.



High Performance air cooled heat sink

High Performance air cooled heat sink

Mersen’s air cooled heat sinks come in a variety of sizes and materials. Our Fabfin® design incorporates our patented swaging technology so that the fins are mechanically secured to the base plate, eliminating the need for less efficient bonding or gluing agents.

Heatpipe assembly heat sink

Heatpipe assembly heat sink

Mersen's Heat Pipe Technology provides a robust, long lasting and self-sustaining cooling solution in applications where more cooling performance than standard air cooled heat sinks is required.

Embedded heat pipe air cooled heat sink

Embedded heat pipe air cooled heat sink

By incorporating heat pipes onto the surface of an air cooled heat sink, high concentration of heat from power electronics can be spread out over a larger area very quickly. This technique can greatly improve the cooling performance of the heat sink for applications such as SiC and Power Amplifier.

Liquid cooled cold plate heat sink

Liquid cooled cold plate heat sink

Mersen has mastered vacuum brazing technology to achieve guaranteed leak proof liquid cooled cold plates. The cold plates are robust and corrosion resistant, offering superior thermal performance. Both embedded tube and vacuum brazed cold plate designs are available.

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