Industrial motor maintenance and services

Service offer and industrial maintenance

To optimize the operation of your electrical equipment, Mersen offers services (maintenance and training solutions) related to your carbon brushes, slip rings, brush-holders and signal transfer systems.

Customer support

Experts of electrical rotating machines, Mersen's technicians and engineers work on all types of motors and generators, whatever your industry. 

They offer solutions for in situ machining, design, reengineering, complete modernization or trainings.

Concrete results:

  • Optimizing the performance of production equipment;
  • Improving the reliability of machines;
  • Evaluating the equipment before making any repairs;
  • Reducting downtime for maintenance.

Qualification of our technical teams: electrical works, chemical environment, mining, Safety and Health, working in height, offshore, specific customers' safety authorizations, first aid / CPR.

Electrical power and motor maintenance training courses

Electrical power and motor maintenance training courses

In order to help you optimize your equipment’s performance, Mersen' specialists have set up training sessions and technical seminars.

wind energy solutions: Windtracker™

wind energy solutions: Windtracker™

Upon your request, Mersen's teams will come to your location to optimize your equipment’s performance, increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

Maintenance and prevention for slip ring and collectors

Maintenance and prevention for slip ring and collectors

Mersen offers a wide range of tools and measuring devices for the preventive maintenance of your collectors and slip rings.

Test benches developpment & Industrial motor maintenance

Test benches developpment & Industrial motor maintenance

Mersen offers you a large range of test benches and material analysis equipment.

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China - Pudong

碳刷, 刷架, 滑环组件, 工业受流 电机和发电机的电气解决方案

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