Electrical power and motor maintenance training courses

In order to help you optimize your equipment’s performance, our specialists have set up training sessions and technical seminars.

These classes take place at either our location (Stagelec) or yours (Extelec). 

They are presented in a lesson-like format according to a defined curriculum or a program adapted to your specific needs. 

Trainings in details

  • High-quality technical training will help you to maximize the efficiency of your staff while minimizing the costs.
  • With a variety of training solutions provided by highly qualified Mersen specialists, we can customize a learning solution that works for you.
  • Customized training curriculum: dedicated program specially adapted to your staff needs and experience level in order to optimize time and learning.
  • Training at your site or in our training facilities located in Europe, India and USA.

These classes allow you to familiarize yourself on how DC motors work. You will receive a technical report at the end of the session.

Who should participate?

Engineers, technicians and electrical maintenance personnel.