DC motor carbon brush holder

Mersen brush-holders for DC motors

Mersen is the preferred supplier of electrical motor manufacturers.

For DC motors, we offer a wide range of brush-holders (metric and imperial systems) as well as dedicated services (refurbishing, re-design, brush-holders replacement, components replacement).

DC motors brush-holders: characteristics

  • Robust
  • Molded or machined
  • Pressure systems (wound or coil springs)
  • Single or multiple box
  • Insulating studs
  • Brush-holder attachment arm
  • Brush-holder and rocker ring


  • 3 manufacturing plants on 3 continents
  • Selected materials (non-ferrous alloys, anti-corrosion...)
  • Customized designs
  • High quality solutions
  • Cutting-edge equipment and software (CNC machines, binding machines…)
  • Die casting
  • EDM machining
  • High-precision checking instruments (three dimensional CMM…)
  • International standards (ISO 9001, IEC, NEMA, DIN)

Carbon Brushes for DC motors: applications

Carbon brushes from Mersen lead the way in many adverse applications of DC motors such as: traction (locomotives, metros, mining…), lifting (forklifts, cranes, elevators…), conveyors (mining, cement and metalworking industries), extruders (plastics, metallurgy), and also winders, ventilators, pumps, etc.

Click on links below to discover our range of products for each market:

  • Electric and Diesel Electric Locomotives (traction motors)
  • Transit & Metro (traction motors of metros, tramways or trolleybusses)
  • Aerospace (auxiliary motors)
  • Metallurgy (rolling mills, winders, wire drawing machines, extruders, winding machines)
  • Paper plants (paper machines, winders)
  • Cement plants (furnace motors, ventilators, ground or aerial conveyors)
  • Plastic Industry (extruders)
  • Forklifts (lifting motors, traction motors)
  • Mining (draglines, shovels, wheel motors for front loaders and trucks, conveyors)
  • Ports & marine (lifting motors for cranes and gantry cranes, propulsion motors, onboard motors)
  • Oil & gas (drilling, lifting, pump and anchor motors)
  • Elevators (lifting)
  • Ski lifts (motors)