Brush holders

Leading manufacturer of brush-holders of electric machines

At Mersen, we manufacture all the parts of our brush-holders, from foundry to assembly.

Whether you need to install brush-holders in new machines (OEMs), replace or re-design existing brush-holders, acquire brush-holders components (pressure systems…), Mersen will study your needs and manufacture the solutions that fit best your equipment.

Upon your request, our experts will come to your location to help you optimize your performance.

Our brush-rockers (supplied with or without brush-holders and carbon brushes) will facilitate assembling and maintenance, while ensuring that carbon brushes perfectly fit to the commutator / slip rings.

Our brush-holders are suitable for all types of motors, generators and alternators, grounding systems and current and signal transmission.

DC motor carbon brush holder

DC motor brush-holder Mersen

DC motor carbon brush holder

Mersen brush-holders for DC motors

Generators - alternators brush-holders

generator alternator brush-holder Mersen

Generators - alternators brush-holders

Mersen's plug sets ensure a perfect contact between the rings and the carbon brushes and enable safe brush replacement (when used with the required PPE).

Fractional Horsepower (FHP) brush holder

FHP motor brush holder Mersen

Fractional Horsepower (FHP) brush holder

Mersen: a wide range of brush-holders for FHP motors

Grounding brush-holders

groundin brush holders Mersen

Grounding brush-holders

Mersen: brush-holders for grounding systems

Brush-holders for aynchronous motors

asynchronous motor bung brush-holder Mersen

Brush-holders for aynchronous motors

Mersen brush-holders for asynchronous motors with wound rotor

Carbon brush-holders power transmission

brush holders Mersen

Carbon brush-holders power transmission

Mersen signal and power transmission brush-holders

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Plug set brush-holders

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