Carbon dust collection

Carbon dust presence in electric machines

The friction of carbon brushes on slip rings makes brushes wear, and therefore creates very thin carbon dust (<100μm).

This dust can stay and settle close to non-active as well as active parts (windings, ground, grommets, slip rings).

This phenomenon, added to other parameters such as oil vapor and hygrometry can lower insulation, and in some cases create electrical arcing (flashover). Avoiding such flashes generates a series of predictive and preventive maintenance constraints and has heavy consequences for producers. Production stops for dust removal cause production losses and financial costs.

Electrical insulation improvement as an undeniable advantage of a carbon dust collector

Based on an in-depth knowledge of these issues, Mersen developed an innovating concept meaning to ensure the long-term operability.
Patented by Mersen, our unique MERSEN DustCollector systems are designed to avoid dust accumulation and capture dust from the very start, at its source, under the carbon brush, therefore with optimal efficiency.
The Mersen experts designed a high-level technical solution offering a more than 90% efficiency and an exceptional lifetime operation.
The MERSEN DustCollector systems will guarantee you a better preventive maintenance, linked with a reduced number of systematical cleanings and preventive dust-removal operations.

A proven expertise in over 30 countries

From the carbon brushes to the industrial vacuum cleaner, all the components in the chain are carefully studied and selected by our Expert team to collect a maximum of brush dust during operation without any disturbance in machine operation. 
Our MERSEN DustCollector range improves the productivity of over 500 electric machines in the world, proving Mersen is the worldwide leader for this solution.

You have low insulation problems with your brush machines?

Every electric machine is unique, and therefore requests a specific study to be performed by our Engineering Centers.
Our global project management and our multi-cultural team will support you from the beginning of your project.
If you have a future project, a machine (existing or new) to equip, our teams are motivated to help you, please contact us.


Mersen DustCollector is a unique concept of carbon dust collection:

  • Standard solution and customized for specific projects 

  • Designed for new, retrofit and refurbishment hydro generators up to 900MW

  • Available for DC and AC brushes machines (contact us)

  • High insulation tubing and non-flammable

  • Industrial vacuum cleaner 24/7 (<85dB) with removal filter

  • Monitoring: Basic, Optimum and Smart available in option

  • Possible for rotor brake application (contact us)

  • Installation and commissioning by Mersen expert team

Mersen Carbon DustCollector on pump asynchronous motor
Mersen Carbon DustCollector on hydro generator
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