Aluminium electrolytic and film capacitors

Mersen offers standard capacitors in small and medium-sized quantities as well as special custom-made capacitor solutions for demanding applications.

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

FTcap capacitors mersen

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors consist of aluminium foil, paper and an electrolyte as a conductive liquid. Capacitors of this type feature a high volume capacity and a compact design. Mersen offers aluminium electrolytic capacitors in many performance classes and versions, with different connection variants.

Film capacitors

Film capacitors ftcap mersen

Film capacitors

Film capacitors are manufactured using plain films (film/foil construction) and metallized films, offering numerous advantages: high ripple current, compact energy, low inductance, long lifetimes and operating temperatures up to 125 °C. Mersen offers a wide variety of power film capacitors for nominal voltages up to 50kV and even more.

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