PTFE/PFA Double jacketed piping

Carbon steel expansion bellows and flanges with a PTFE coating (Armylor® process)

PTFE bellows and compensators combine the high corrosion resistance of PTFE and its fantastic flexion capability.
Jacketed pipes & fittings are lined with PTFE or PFA using

  • PTFE paste extrusion,
  • PTFE isostatic molding for large tees and elbows, and
  • PFA injection molding for smaller pieces.

DIN and ANSI standard

They are available in both DIN and ANSI standard and are proposed in both virgin or antistatic material. Based on standard pipes and fittings items, each component is covered by a double jacket steel housing.

The double jacket is equipped with 1/4” or ½” NPT couplings or flanged DN20 (3/4”) or DN25 (1”) nozzles for the alimentation of calorific fluid.

An original system allows the heating up to the back side of the flanges, so that all parts of the piping are covered.

Key features:

  • Temperature from –50 to 230°C
  • Full vacuum and high pressure service
  • Diameter from DN25 (1’’) to DN 300 (12’’) and larger on demand

Customer benefits:

  • Perfect resistance to all corrosive chemicals
  • Designed on customer's demand
  • Reliable solution